Sunday, September 23, 2018

Prediction: Kavanaugh will not be confirmed before the midterms

By Christopher Paslay September 23, 2018

Democrats are desperate and unhinged.  Their outrageous behavior during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and their apparent willingness to do anything to block his confirmation should make conservatives extremely nervous.  Just when it seemed that their circus-like antics were going nowhere, Dianne Feinstein revealed she was sitting on a letter from a woman named Christine Blasey Ford, who was claiming she was sexually assaulted in high school by Kavanaugh at a party some 36 years before. The details were fuzzy – she couldn't remember the time or place – and she was insistent on remaining anonymous............

At this point, two things are becoming painfully clear.  First, Ford is never going to testify.  Because the Democrats have finally gained traction in their effort to delay the Kavanaugh confirmation, they will stand by and gleefully watch Ford and Katz as they continue to make unrealistic demands of Kavanaugh and the committee and smile to themselves as publications like the Atlantic write headlines that state, "Kavanaugh Bears the Burden of Proof." 

Incredibly, despite the protection of our Constitution, the left believes that men accused of sexual assault by women are guilty until proven innocent............. Democrats are desperate and unhinged and will stop at nothing to block his confirmation.  Shortly after the committee finally votes to confirm Kavanaugh and send the matter to the Senate floor (or maybe shortly before), expect another allegation to surface – perhaps a woman who's willing to come forward and corroborate Ford's 36-year-old claims against Kavanaugh.  Or perhaps there will be another woman claiming she's been assaulted................ The Democrats are desperate enough. And corrupt enough. And unlike Republicans, they have the guts to do whatever it takes to get what they want............ To Read More

My Take - The thing that's abundantly clear to me is this woman needs to be sued, forced into court, forced to present her information and force to face discovery.  That's where the lies start to crumble. 

Sue her!

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