Saturday, September 29, 2018

OK, Now It’s Really ‘I’m Spartacus’ Time!

Men also deserve to be believed.

Dov Fischer September 27, 2018

(For the record, these words are being written before the Ford-Kavanaugh hearings.)
Much was made a few weeks ago of Cory Booker’s infamous “I am Spartacus” reference. If you actually saw and remember the Stanley Kubrick movie, the referenced scene saw hundreds, perhaps thousands, of vanquished gladiators captured by the Roman general, Marcus Licinius Crassus. Crassus stands before them, prepared to let the gladiators live, albeit returned to slavery, as long as they turn over to him their rebellion leader, Spartacus. However, if they refuse to point out Spartacus, Crassus will crucify all of them. Heroically, one by one, each gladiator rises to proclaim “I am Spartacus!” For a greater cause than themselves, each one rises to proclaim a lie. Amid the chaos of hundreds shouting cacophonically, Crassus decides to crucify them all. They lied. They knew they would be martyred for it. But they believed they were lying for a cause greater than themselves.
Booker may have destroyed his Democrat presidential chances for 2020 by playing the fool, but even a broken clock is correct twice daily (except, perhaps, on the two nights annually when we change the times). He inadvertently uttered a prophecy, auguring a veritable “I am Spartacus” moment in American history. We now have women rising, one by one, proclaiming in true “I am Spartacus” form: “Kavanaugh tried to rape me.” There was the Christine Ford allegation. Then Deborah Ramirez rose: “No, I am Spartacus — it was I to whom Kavanaugh exposed himself.” And then the man whom Tucker Carlson calls the “Creepy Porn Lawyer” now has a third #MeToo gladiator proclaiming “No, I am Spartacus — Kavanaugh did it to me.”.........To Read More....

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