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Friday, December 22, 2017

The Green Genocide Agenda: Saving the Earth by Killing Humans

(Editor's Note:  I originally published this on December 24, 2010.  My friend Alan allowed me to publish his articles for some years and was an unending encouragement to me to continue on publishing P&D.  Sadly he passed a few years ago, but his articles had a timeless about them.  Here's one of them.  As an FYI Maurice strong has also passed, but there is always another Maurice Strong waiting in the wings.   RK)

 By Alan Caruba

The late Jacques Cousteau, a famed advocate for the oceans and the environment, was quoted in a November 1991 UNESCO Courier saying, "One American burdens the earth much more than twenty Bangladeshis. This is a terrible thing to say. In order to stabilize world populations, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it's just as bad not to say it."

People more devoted to saving whales than saving humans have strange dangerous priorities. The notion of ridding the earth of people in order to save it is the core belief of the inner circle of those who determine national and global environmental policies. Until this is understood, there is no way to understand why the Greens advocate programs tied to a growing body of United Nations treaties, all of which have either already killed millions or surely will in the future.

It is vital to put the issue of population in perspective. The entire population of the United States of America lives on three percent (3.5%) of the nation's landmass. Most Americans live within 50 miles of the East and West Coast of the nation. That includes all cities, suburbs, highways, bridges, railroads, and airports combined. Every prediction about population growth has been proven untrue. Indeed, as individual countries become more prosperous as defined by Western, industrialized standards, their birth rates decline.

Little known to the public is a man named Maurice Strong. He is the right-hand man to the Secretary General of the United Nations, charged with its "reform." In 1992, he addressed the opening session of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, saying "it is clear that current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class, involving high meat intake, consumption of large amounts of frozen and convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and workplace air conditioning, and suburban housing, are not sustainable."

Pause now to think about this. Strong's solution is the Green Solution. He proposes to reverse the advances of human civilization in order to deprive everyone, everywhere, of these and other life enhancing benefits. Industrial, technological, agricultural, medical, energy, transportation, and communications advances, all dependent on the Earth's resources. All deemed "unsustainable" despite known, vast, untapped, and renewable resources. Sustainability is the Big Lie. The instrument to make it happen is the United Nations.

Connect the dots. If you were determined to destroy Capitalism (read "affluent middle class") and the protection and extension worldwide of liberties established by the U.S. Constitution. If you were convinced that humanity must be destroyed to "Save the Earth," then a supranational bureaucracy composed of unelected Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) composed of Greens, would be the perfect instrument.

Why haven't most Americans been more aware of this? Because the activities of the Greens have been and continued to be reported in an endless stream of seemingly unrelated "environmental" stories.

In addition to having been a business and science writer of three decades, I have also been a public relations counselor. With enough money and planning, people can be convinced of anything. But the truth will triumph, you say. No. The known, documented facts concerning the Earth's weather system utterly and completely disprove the Global Warming theory and yet millions are convinced we are either in a cycle of warming or are about to be. We are told this at the highest levels of government. Opposition to this Big Lie is suppressed or attacked in the nation's print and broadcast media. Indeed, it is advanced by that media, either out of ignorance or because "saving the Earth" is deemed a higher priority.

The Earth is 5.4 billion years old. It is, by all known, scientific data, an extraordinary, self adjusting mechanism, subject only to the role of the Sun, the oceans, and naturally occurring events such as volcanic eruptions and El Nino's.

Despite this, the Greens pursue their objectives which show up as headlines about ranchers whose grazing rights are under siege; farmers who continue to lose vital herbicides and pesticides, needed to achieve high levels of production, and who live in fear of losing their water rights; mining interests whose efforts to produce more energy resources have been thwarted; the timber industry, vital for housing and countless other uses; on every form of motorized transportation and the petroleum resources they require; proposed restrictions on the commercial and recreational use of the nation's rivers; the removal of commonplace garbage; and on any development of any kind, anywhere, if it threatens a designated endangered species.

Almost from the beginning of the organized environmental movement in the nation and worldwide, the print and broadcast press has been enlisted to further the cause of saving the Earth. To this day, one can turn on nightly television news such as NBC to hear a reporter like Robert Hager breathlessly tell us that airplane contrails are altering Earth's climate by -- gasp! -- creating clouds. When global warming came along as a story, after the earlier failure in the 1970's of the "coming Ice Age" theory, it was tailor-made for journalists who love any kind of doomsday scenario.

Global warming has become a huge cash cow for Greens. A review of Environmental Protection Agency grants demonstrates that almost $7 million in taxpayer dollars has been given to private groups that advocate the U.N. climate treaty. Among them have been the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Climate Institute, and the World Resources Institute. However, this has not been reported in the nation's press. Foundation money flows to this cause as well. The Pew Charitable Trusts gave $5.2 million to establish a Washington-based center to "study global warming and promote public understanding of the issue", i.e., manipulate the nation's press to further this most dubious of theories.

By contrast, when a petition representing (then) 15,000 (now well over 19,000) scientists opposed to the global warming theory was made public, it was immediately attacked on April 22nd by The New York Times environmental science reporter, William K. Stevens. In addition, an informal gathering of industry representatives was attacked in an April 26th front page New York Times article by John Cushman, "Industrial Group Plans to Fight Climate Treaty", based on notes purloined by the National Environmental Trust whose principal founder was the Pew Charitable Trusts! Stevens has written more than 130 articles since 1990, asserting that global warming is occurring; 26 articles in 1997 and, by October 1998, 15 additional articles.

Few will dispute that The New York Times determines what is news for the rest of the nation's press, the damage inflicted is significant. However, the nation's and world's press has faithfully reported the Green Agenda for two decades since the first Earth Day, April 22, 1970, a date which, by the most extraordinary coincidence, is also the birthdate of Nicholai Lenin, the founder of Soviet Communism.

The U.S. press has, too often of late, become the megaphone for what can only be described as outright lies. Examples abound on a daily basis, but one will be sufficient. On July 26th, an Associated Press story reported that President Clinton has ordered "energy saving measures in all federal buildings", saying, "Despite mounting evidence (Congress) would deny the science and ignore the warning signs… Global warming is real, the risks it poses are real." Unless the full, original text (unavailable at presstime) was edited, readers found no opposing point of view, i.e., not one, single scientist or group was asked to comment on the President's unambiguous statement. Even if edited, this is not good journalism.

Thus, the public, misinformed, disinformed, and uninformed, remains ignorant of the Green Agenda except for "studies", "research", and, of course, "legislation", all intended to further the Green Agenda.

Greener than Thou

Fully one third of all Federal laws and regulations on the books today are devoted to the "protection of the environment." Republicans and Democrats vie to prove how Green they are as laws are enacted which drive industries and enterprises out of business and out of the nation.

The compliance of Congress, supported by the compliance of the nation's media, is driven by a sophisticated Save The Earth propaganda machine, operated by the Environmental Protection Agency, closely coordinating and often leading seemingly countless Green organizations.

Magically, they all attack the same issues at the same time, then move on to attack new ones, until a new legislative mandate or international treaty has been imposed.

This Green Cancer infests the nation's schools and its churches. It creates concepts of "environmental justice" which, in turn, are used to thwart every kind of economic development needed by the nation's cities. Hasn't anyone noticed this?

Millions of taxpayer and foundation dollars have been devoted to advancing these dubious and costly programs. Since 1993, the number of regulations proposed or issued by the EPA has increased twenty percent. The costs of complying with Federal environmental regulations have risen from $53 billion in 1980 to more than $150 billion today. Fully one third of all current Federal laws and regulations are devoted to the so-called protection of the environment.

The Fifth Amendment protecting property rights, the keystone of capitalism, is under severe attack. There is a War on Drivers. Vast areas of the nation's landmass are being declared off limits to any legitimate access or use. Government agencies such as the EPA, the Department of the Interior, and the White House routinely lie to achieve their goals.

The Save the Earth programs emanate out of the labyrinth of United Nations environmental agencies, so dense that it is a virtually impenetrable jungle of interlocking bureaucracies, supported by NGO'S, impact domestic policy in the most subtle and dangerous way ever conceived since the emergence of worldwide socialism.

Little wonder the Communist Party USA was advocating as far back as 1945 that "Great popular support and enthusiasm for the United Nations policies should be built up, well organized, and fully articulate." Typical of the chilling views shared by Greens are the words of Strobe Talbott in 1992 when he was the Deputy Secretary of State, who wrote "Nationhood as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single global authority." Yet most Americans are totally unaware that the UN has a Commission on Global Governance with programs for taxation, a standing army, and now an independent court.

How dangerous to human life are the UN treaties? One need only examine the consequences of the UN treaty, the Montreal Protocol, which, in the name of protecting the Earth's ozone layer, banned freon, an inexpensive, extremely effective refrigerant and fire suppressant agent. What better way to eliminate air conditioning which, during the summer heat wave that gripped the U.S., literally saved lives. Eliminate refrigeration, essential worldwide to protect food and drugs, and hundreds of thousands, particularly in undeveloped nations, will die.

As recently as June 1998, when a worsening Malaria epidemic was killing 5,000 children a day in countries south of the equator, the same folks who gathered in Montreal to ban freon, were discussing the expansion to phase out production of DDT and eleven other essential pesticides worldwide.

One of the earliest victories for the Greens, riding in on Rachel Carson's absurd book, 'Silent Spring', was the national ban on DDT. This mosquito borne disease has made a major comeback worldwide. The proposed treaty will kill millions more. The other pesticides are the only defense against Nature's greatest vectors of disease, insect and rodent pests.

The Banality of Genocide

The Greens have one extraordinary factor going for them. Genocide has been so commonplace in the 21st century, we've become numb to it. The Nazis created Auschwitz and the other death camps to kill millions of Jews, Catholics, Gypsies, homosexuals, anyone who disagreed with them. Under Stalin, millions of Soviet citizens were killed in the Gulag System. In Cambodia, the late Pol Pat decimated hundreds of thousands to pursue his Communist dreamstate. In more recent times, the Serbians are engaged in "ethnic cleansing." In the Sudan, starvation is a tool of war. Elsewhere in Africa the Hutus slaughtered thousands of Tutis. Mass death? We're used to it. We can turn off the TV or switch to a rerun of 'Seinfeld.'

That's why men like Dave Foreman, a founder of EarthFirst!, now serving in the high councils of the Sierra Club, should be taken seriously when he wrote in his book, 'Confessions of an Eco-Warrior', "I believe that human overpopulation is the fundamental problem on Earth Today" and "We humans have become a disease, the Humanpox."

It is tempting to dismiss a beloved figure like Cousteau as misguided, Maurice Strong as a zealot or a radical Green like Foreman as a lunatic, but how does one describe the man who has written "One doesn't have to travel around the world to witness humankind's assault on the earth"? Or "Human civilization is now the dominant cause of change in the global environment"? Who is this person, so wary of humanity? It is Vice President Albert Gore, Jr.

Every time Gore says that Global Warming is the cause of the fires in Florida, the heat wave in the mid-West, the floods in North Dakota, or any other natural phenomenon, he is lying to Americans. And his lies go into the nation's newspapers and magazines, onto its radio and television news reports without any challenge by so-called journalists. As they say in the movies, be scared. Be very scared.

This is truly neither a liberal nor conservative political issue, though conservatives, betrayed by their own elected leaders in Congress, appalled by the policies of the Clinton-Gore Administration, watching the subversion of national sovereignty, the attacks on Constitutional protections, are growing increasingly desperate.

The greatest American Revolution since the first remains to be fought. Failure will not only doom this nation, but humanity, because the Green Genocide Agenda is tangible, identifiable, and utterly relentless.

This commentary is sponsored by Deb Phalen with gratitude to Lila Hovey.

© 1999 Alan Caruba.

All Rights reserved.

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