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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Feel the Bern: Socialism is crushing and killing Venezuela's poor

By Monica Showalter December 18, 2017

As if anyone needed any further proof that socialism harms the poor most of all, the New York Times has a masterly spread on the extent of mass starvation in Venezuela as a result of "government policies."  Over the course of five months, the Times interviewed doctors at 21 public hospitals across the country and got on-the-record quotes to create a worthy picture.

So much for socialism helping the poor.  And so much for socialist handout policies creating "poverty reduction," as multilaterals like the World Bank put it.  What Venezuela's 19 years of socialism has demonstrably produced is starvation, same as all other socialist dictatorships, and it's not the rich who are starving.  The poor aren't merely poor in that hellhole; they are dead or going to be dead.

The long, picture-laden Times piece is Pulitzer prize stuff,  with every sentence well worth reading, even with the Times's customary failure to lay the disaster at socialism's door.

The Times  writes:
Children are arriving with very precarious conditions of malnutrition," said Dr. HunĂ­ades Urbina Medina, the president of the Venezuelan Society of Childcare and Pediatrics. He added that doctors were even seeing the kind of extreme malnutrition often found in refugee camps – cases that were highly unusual in oil-rich Venezuela before its economy fell to pieces ......... "Sometimes they die in your arms just from dehydration,"........To Read More...
My Take - The article brings up how this must be Bernie Sanders views of the greatness of socialism. Is that what college kids want for the United States when they run around telling everyone to Feel the Bern?  And where are the Hollywood stars who just gushed over Chavez? 

Why isn't anyone interviewing them over this, and asking them to explain how this could happen in their Socialist Paradise, which they never moved to.  They sicken me!

It isn't as if we haven't over 225 years of history - starting with the French Revolution - that shows what socialism is all about -  dystopia!  Tryanny, murder, starvation and misery while the "elite" live in luxury.  North Korea is an equally disgusting example of socialism in real life.  Not in some book and not is some academic class room - in real life. 

Does anyone ever read a history book any longer, and the fact schools and universites don't teach history is immaterial.  This is America, we can find out about anything if we want to because we have abundant books, essays, articles and lecturers who've shown how irrational, misanthropic and morally defective is the left.  What bothers me is none of these monsters will ever be tried for crimes against humanity.  The leftists in the media, govenment officials world wide and academia would not stand for it, and there's darn few politicians who have the guts to stand up to them. 

No guts, no glory, but the reality is - we've lost our minds. 

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