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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Does Sheila Jackson Lee Know The Person She's Accused Of Racism For Airline Fiasco Is A Human Rights Activist?

Matt Vespa Posted: Dec 29, 2017
So, I bet you’ve heard about the airline incident between a woman and Texas Democratic Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. Katie wrote about it. In all, Jean-Marie Simon was booted from her first class seat on a United flight for Lee. Simon was obviously upset, voiced her objections, and was even threatened with being forced off the flight. She was eventually given a $500 voucher for her pre-paid seat and relocated to economy class. She alleges that United gave the Texas Democrat preferential treatment.........To Read More....
My Take - Sheila Jackson Lee is a disgrace.  The first thing that came out of her mouth is the woman resented her being bumped by an "African American woman".  No she resented by bumped by an arrogant, self indulgent, inconsiderate politician, that's been a confirmed member in good standing in the Club for the Galacticaly Stupid.  What's startling is she keeps being re-elected in her district.  If she's the cream of the crop in that district - that district must be among the dumbest districts in the Untied States. 

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