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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Why is Due Process So Important All of a Sudden?

By Rich Kozlovich

This December 18th, 2017 cartoon by A.F. Branco entitled, Due Process? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Due Process!, clearly demonstrates how sexual harassment charges have been handled by the left for decades. On all of America's universities the accused was guilty as sin - no discussion or defense was - or for that matter is - acceptable. 

Due process for Judge Moore?  None, he was accused by his political opponent therefore he's now a pedophile and a rapist.  No challenge to that charge can be accepted. 

Then there's the charge that set this kind of thinking into motion so many decades ago.  Anita Hill's fallacious charge of sexual harassment against Judge Clearance Thomas.  Charges that were refuted by her co-workers.  Charges everyone, including her leftist handlers knew were lies.  But that set the pattern with the leftist media saying over and over again - you men just don't get it!  I didn't get it and kept asking what was it I wasn't getting.  It turns out "women don't lie" about this kind of thing! 


Now all of a sudden we hear the media and all those on the left screaming about due process. 


Well, for one thing, it's the left that's now being accused of sexual harassment.  Hollywood is now awash in charges against the biggest names in the business.  The leftist media is firing people as fast as I change my socks.  Politicians are being charged daily.  Chuck Schumer claims he even had a false charge thrown against him. 

False charge?  Did I hear that correctly?  How could it be a false charge?  The charge was made by a woman, right?  And we know from the Anita Hill scenario - women don't lie about this sort of thing!  Right? 

Well, it turns out women do lie about this sort of thing, the left always knew it but it didn't matter as long as they could throw those charges against their opponents on the right.

Now this charge is just like a racist charge. Everything is racist. Jingle Bells is now racist, and we've just about come to the point where demanding a black employee comes to work every day or on time is racist. 

Everything is now sexual harassment, and now all of a sudden the left is demanding 'due process' because to do otherwise is illegal, unconstitutional, undemocratic and just down right wrong.  Wow!  Imagine that!  It's now wrong to accuse someone with charges of sexual harassment without evidence, especially if it's someone on the left.  How the worm has turned.

It's clear some of these charges are legitimate, but it's also clear a lot of this stuff is about bad language, bad jokes and generally jerk like behavior, which the left has encouraged forever.  But that behavior wasn't sexual harassment as we used to understand it.

When sewer trout like Gloria Allred and her daughter entered this fray it was clear where this was going from now on, and it's not going to be pretty.  Anyone can be charged with bad behavior without due process and will either pay up or have their careers ruined - or both. 

But the left can't have that - now can they?  Especially since most of these charges are against them.  And now we know.....women really do lie about this sort of thing.....just ask Hillary.  So much for the movement to defend women. The left is now being hoisted with it's own petard. 


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