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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Hollywood is Shocked, Shocked I Tell You.

By Rich Kozlovich

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. posted an article at American Spectator yesterday entitled, The Revolution Eats Its Own, saying:
As I ponder the lengthening list of alleged sexual offenders drawn from Hollywood, the arts, the media, and politics, I am moved to wonder why are the overwhelming majority of the accused prominent luminaries of the left.  
Those accused on the right claim utter innocence including Bill O’Reilly, who nonetheless paid out a fortune to accusers — go figguh, as they say in Brooklyn.  
At any rate, the lefties constitute the growing multitude. At the top of the list — at least for me — is Bill Clinton, aided and abetted by his lovely wife Bruno. In the 1990s many of the same people who are out for the blood of today’s sexual assailants were among Bill’s proud defenders, but I will bet that he is not sleeping easily today.
When The American Spectator was on the prowl in the 1990s we had dozens of other women — shall we say? — under surveillance quite aside from those we did report on?  
What if those taciturn ladies from yesteryear were to step forward now to join Juanita Broaddrick (she claims rape), Kathleen Willey (groped), and the loquacious Paula Corbin Jones (“kiss it”)? Of course, today’s list of accused assailants began with the Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, whose problems, incidentally, began just months after he sat down with the Clintons, post-election, to plot a documentary about how Donald Trump stole the election from Hillary.  
Harvey was very tight with the Clintons, though in a few months Hillary would banish him, saying she was “shocked and appalled by the revelations” — ahem."
Everything the author says here is largely true, and what? Hillary was "shocked and appalled"  Really? Really?  So was Captain Louis Renault... SHOCKED! Shocked I tell you!

Leftists who've been guilty of condemnation without validation have chortled and toasted themselves, but they're now being hoisted on their own petards. Let me say it..............schadenfreude! But just a little schadenfreude can go a long way.

This will play out like all of the latest outrages of the day and things will be different, especially among the media's least those who are left. At some point the public will tire of all of this. At some point someone will sue the companies who are firing them without due process. At some point someone will sue their accusers.....and win.......and it will all stop. Why? Because most people don't conduct themselves in the low way as have these prominent political, entertainment and media people.  Let's face it, making claims about average people don't get the publicity or payouts as it does when a prominent person is "outed".   And all of this has already become tiresome.

This sordid behavior has gone on forever - not to diminish the fact this conduct is unacceptable - but this isn't really isn't. Hollywood has been notorious for this from the beginning, and that's been well known forever. So, are we to assume these Hollywood stars who have come forth now were stunningly ignorant about how an industry that's promoted every sort of despicable behavior actually conducted itself? And now an industry full of immoral behavior is outraged at.... immoral behavior?

These stars must have known what the game was and chose to play it. They must have known the price and chose to pay it in order to take a short cut to fame and success, don't you think? After all, they would have us all believe their smarter than America as a whole since they constantly telling us what positions Americans should take on every political, moral and environmental issue facing America.  If that’s true, then they must have been aware of what they were getting into.  Don't you think?  Or are they stupid, disingenous or both?    

Will there be benefits to society overall over this? Sure! All companies will institute directives to try and ameliorate such behavior.

Will there be a downside to all of this? Sure. From this point on attorneys and activists will stir up the pot against anyone they dislike whether the facts support such action or not.

 Gloria Allred is already feeding at the trough, and she'll be followed by a lot more soon enough.

One more thing. 

This will be my only post today because even a newsie like me can stand only so much. 

Best wishes, Rich

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