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Saturday, December 30, 2017

EU Migrant Crisis Necessitates “Safe Zones” For Berlin’s NYE Party

By Andrew West December 29, 2017

While the globalists of the world continues to downplay the severity of the EU migrant crisis, police in Berlin are being tasked with peculiar new problems for ringing in 2018.

Over the course of the last few years, Syrian refugees have been pouring into Europe from the middle east after a civil war began ravaging their country.  Ever the bleeding heart liberals, (and globalists to boot), the European Union was quick to take advantage of this crisis to push their one-world-government ideals, mandating that member nations take in an exorbitant amount of displaced migrants or face financial penalties.

To make matters worse, the numbers being mandated by the EU were so ridiculous that member nations have been largely forced to abandon the stringent vetting processes of yesteryear in order to avoid the fiscal repercussions..........To Read More....

My Take - Europe is becoming a nightmare for Christians in their own lands, except Europe has largely abandoned any semblance of believing into what must be called a ceremonial effort by replacing it with secular socialist insanity. Insanity that’s inviting those who are even more insane except with religions insanity – Islam. This can't go on. In today's edition I posted Daniel Greenfields article - Europe’s Tolerance for Terrorists - Europe’s Tolerance for Terrorists - and how they've turning Jewish Europe into a nightmare. This can't go on either. As I read the article I couldn’t help but think of a book I read 50 years ago about Jewish resistance in Warsaw during WWII. Eventually by weight of sheer numbers the lack of necessary provisions they were overcome, but it took a toll on German forces. What if that had happened all over Europe?
It seems clear Europe’s leaders have lost their minds with their insane policies of multiculturalism with societies who hate the idea of multiculturalism. Muslims hate everyone – it’s their social paradigm based on the Koran. It’s required! They even hate all other Muslims who don’t practice their special brand of Islam. Why do you think there’s never any peace in the Middle East? Islam! Only the exercise of total power keeps these competing forces in control in Muslim nations, but let that power become impotent – and it hits the fan – both Libya, Syria are perfect examples, and even Egypt had it’s issues for a while.  The Obama administration and the EU must bear a major share of the blame for this.
At some point European Jews are going to either leave Europe or create their own guardian and enforcement agents – as in an underground – for their own protection. There’s a revolution brewing in Europe that’s going to destroy the EU within five years – both economic and social – and Europe – at least the western part - will end up being a third rate geographic designation – economically, militarily and socially. The exception may be Eastern Europe. Poland may once again save Europe from Islam as it did during the Battle of Vienna in 1683.


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