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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Who Wrote the Book of Fair?

By Rich Kozlovich December 12, 2017

Craig Bannister wrote an article that appeared on the News site, entitled, Poll: Fewer Americans Say Life Is – or Even Should Be –‘Fair’ saying:
"Fewer Democrats and Republicans say life "should" be fair. A new survey of American adults finds that the percent who believe “Life is fair” has fallen over the past year – and the share of those who think life even “should” be fair has declined, as well. The nationwide survey by YouGov shows that only 29% of Americans now say life is fair, down from 38% in December of 2016. And, while Republicans are more likely than Democrats to view life as fair, both saw a drop in optimism since last year."
The article then goes on to break it down in the following categories. First, "Life is Fair". The number of those who thought life was fair emerged in the following manner. Republicans: 39%, Down from 47%, Democrats: 26%, Down 34%. Total: 29%, Down from 38%.

Then under the category, "Life SHOULD Be Fair", the numbers were: Republicans: 45%, Down from 58%, Democrats: 63%, Down from 70%. Total: 55%, Down from 63%, with 20% sayi9ng “Life shouldn’t be fair” – and "25% weren’t sure." Naturally income played an important role in all of these views, however - it's clear the one thing this poll didn't do is ask everyone to define the word "fair".

It's been my experience what's fair is based on who's ox is being gored. Who exactly wrote the Book of Fair? There is no Book of Fair and it can't be codified without being unfair to someone, anyone or most for that matter. Who decides what's fair? I certainly don't want some government bureaucrat in Washington DC who went to college and then to work in the government, who never had a real job, never started a business, never put his home on the line with the bank to keep that business running, never had to skip a paycheck in order to meet payroll for his employees, never had to work 14 hour days for weeks on end telling me what's fair.

Is it fair some live in poverty and others live in luxury? Maybe! Fairness isn't about equal outcomes. It's about equal opportunities. If any individual or group of individuals fail to take advantage of that - it's their problem.

For the most part we get out of life what we put in it - at least in America. In so many parts of the world the corruption is so massive the wealth can only go to an elite ruling class. Take Venezuela as a perfect example of that. But this is America, and anyone who wants to have a good life can have that life, and this irrational demand for fairness is nothing more than a false leftist quilt trip on those they wish to rob.

If those who go to school, have a job, start a business, work long hard hours, don't do drugs, deprive themselves of a great many things in the beginning to make it big later in life in order to have luxuries - why isn't that outcome "fair"? Isn't that what's expected?

If someone takes a diametrically opposing view of life refusing to get educated, refuse to get and hold a job, live on welfare, are drunkards or are drug addicted, live irresponsible lives and end up in poverty and misery - why isn't that "fair". Isn't that what we should expect for such behavior?

So then, why is it fair the rest of us have to support lazy or irresponsible people with food stamps, welfare and other social programs that's created a permanent underclass who now refuse to work and live responsible lives?

Now if you want a definition of what's not fair - that's it!

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