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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Avoiding GMOs isn’t just anti-science. It’s immoral.


Of the several claims of “anti-science” that clutter our national debates these days, none can be more flagrantly clear than the campaign against modern agricultural technology, most specifically the use of molecular techniques to create genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Here, there are no credibly conflicting studies, no arguments about the validity of computer models, no disruption of an ecosystem nor any adverse human health or even digestive problems, after 5 billion acres have been cultivated cumulatively and trillions of meals consumed.

And yet a concerted, deep-pockets campaign, as relentless as it is baseless, has persuaded a high percentage of Americans and Europeans to avoid GMO products, and to pay premium prices for “non-GMO” or “organic” foods that may in some cases be less safe and less nutritious. Thank goodness the toothpaste makers of the past weren’t cowed so easily; the tubes would have said “No fluoride inside!” and we’d all have many more cavities. While Greenpeace and other organizations oppose genetically engineered food, more than 100 Nobel laureates are taking a stand on the side of GMOs......... This is the kind of foolishness that rich societies can afford to indulge. But when they attempt to inflict their superstitions on the poor and hungry peoples of the planet, the cost shifts from affordable to dangerous and the debate from scientific to moral............

It’s time to move the argument to a new plane. For the rich and well-fed to deny Africans, Asians or South Americans the benefits of modern technology is not merely anti-scientific. It’s cruel, it’s heartless, it’s inhumane — and it ought to be confronted on moral grounds..........consumers and farmers alike are eager to share in the life-saving and life-enhancing advances that modern science alone can bring. Efforts to persuade them otherwise, or simply block their access to the next round of breakthroughs, are worse than anti-scientific. They’re immoral........To Read More.....

My Take - This is one of the most important articles I've linked this year.  Since I've been busy with projects I've not been paying attention to things I normally do.  This was sent to me by a left wing friend who says: "this is another thing we agree on".  He's almost as far left as one can go, but we've always agreed on the facts - we just disagreed as what should be done about it.   But his view on this  is critical because it seems to me there must be a great many on the left who see this in exactly the way the author see it - and remember - this appeared in of all places - The Washington Post. 

Johnson said if he lost Walter Cronkite he'd lost American.  Well, if the greenies are losing the Washington Post it seems to me they're losing the left.   

One more thing.  I've been saying for years no one has been responsible for more unnecessary deaths in the 20th century than the green movement.  More than all the socialist monsters of that century, but those people are dead and gone, but the green movement is like a plague - you never know when it's going to hide and then strike again.  It also seems to me this is another way of calling for Crimes Against Humanity charges against Greenpeace and a host of others in that movement. 

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