Monday, July 31, 2017

Bombshell dropped on 'Russia, Russia, Russia' mantra

Why it's suddenly the last thing Democrats want to discuss

Garth Kant About | Email | Archive  

Something very odd but extremely significant just happened in American politics, in practically the blink of an eye.  The establishment media have gone from virtual 24/7 coverage of the narrative that President Trump colluded with Russia to crickets, and they did it overnight.

How far has Russia fallen off the media’s radar? So far, that, in a jaw-dropping role-reversal, it is actually the White House now pushing the story on the media.   And why is the White House suddenly embracing the Russia story? Because it is now poised to boomerang on the Democrats, big time, following a pivotal Senate Judiciary committee hearing on Thursday.............“You guys love to talk about Russia, and there’s been nonstop coverage. And the one day that there might have been a question on Russia, there wasn’t.”...........That revelation didn’t just chill mainstream media interest. The Democrats also suddenly stopped uttering their Russia mantra............While there is still no evidence the president or his associates colluded with Russia against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, evidence may be emerging that there was collusion by Democrats with Russians against Trump...............Read more

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