Thursday, July 27, 2017

Once again, PolitiFact is just PolitOpinion

Posted July 25, 2017 03:24 PM by Rob Eno

On July 18, Ricochet’s Jon Gabriel put together two sets of data that painted a clear picture of the media’s Russia narrative obsession. The graph was picked up by other right-of-center news outlets, and Trump administration officials brought up Gabriel’s work on the Sunday shows to defend the Trump administration. That’s when the Left’s thought police — you may know them as “fact checkers” — jumped in to attack Gabriel and his work.

First up, here’s the chart in question.......The chart was included in this story explaining what exactly he was trying to show. He juxtaposed a Bloomberg poll asking Americans what issues they cared most about with data from the Media Research Center showing how much time evening newscasts devoted to each issue. Here’s what he found..........To Read More....

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