My Take - Pelosi and Shumer are gifts that just keep on giving. So, all they need is a new slogan? What they're offering is more of the same and that was rejected.....but a new slogan will bring clarity to the voters.....because you see.....the voters just don't understand their message!

According to Pelosi and Shumer there's a communication problem between the Democratic Party the public - and that's why they're losing elections. Of course that means they think the American public really doesn't know what they stand for. Really? Does anyone besides me think that's a sign of arrogant self deceit!

In effect they're telling the world they think Americans are uninformed and stupid, and that explains why they're losing elections. While I agree there are about 45% of Americans who are uninformed, misinformed, propagandized and stupid - but they're all Democrats, liberals and leftists.  I would add academics but that would be repeating myself. 

Oh, they have a communictions problem all right.  Everyone really does know who and what they are and what they stand for. This is the Age of the Internet and fooling everyone isn't nearly as easy as it once was.