Sunday, July 30, 2017

Feel the Bern: Venezuelan opposition promises new tactics after Sunday's vote

By Hugh Bronstein

CARACAS, July 29 (Reuters) - Venezuela's opposition said it is ready to change tactics in its bid to bring down President Nicolas Maduro after Sunday's election of a legislative super-body that they say is designed to tighten the socialist's already strong hold on power.   Anti-Maduro protesters blocked streets on Saturday in a last-ditch effort to derail Sunday's election of a "constituent assembly" designed to rewrite Venezuela's constitution.  Maduro says the assembly, which will have the power to dissolve state institutions as well as rewrite the constitution, will bring peace to the convulsed country.......To Read More.....

As Venezuela Prepares to Vote, Some Fear an End to Democracy

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One by one, the markers of Venezuela’s democracy have been pushed aside.  First, the Supreme Court was packed with loyalists of the president, and several opposition lawmakers were blocked from taking their seats. Then, judges overturned laws that the president opposed, and elections for governors around the country were suddenly suspended.
Next, the court ruled in favor of dissolving the legislature entirely, a move that provoked such an outcry in Venezuela and abroad that the decision was soon reversed.
Now, President Nicolás Maduro is pushing a radical plan to consolidate his leftist movement’s grip over the nation: He is creating a political body with the power to rewrite the country’s Constitution and reshuffle — or dismantle — any branch of government seen as disloyal.
The new body, called a constituent assembly, is expected to grant virtually unlimited authority to the country’s leftists.......To Read More....

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) -- President Nicolas Maduro is pledging to go after his political foes with the virtually unlimited powers of a constitutional assembly that his backers will select Sunday as his opponents wage a last-ditch battle to halt what they call the replacement of Venezuelan democracy with a single-party authoritarian system.

Faced with spiraling socio-economic catastrophe, Maduro is calling for his supporters to turn out in mass to elect a special assembly with the powers to rewrite the country's 1999 constitution. That 18-year-old constitution says no other branch of government can impede the workings of the constitutional assembly. Some interpret that as granting the new assembly powers above and beyond every other state institution, including the opposition-controlled congress......To Read More....

U.S. 'sweetheart' of Venezuela sees worrying signs of authoritarianism

Girish Gupta

CARACAS (Reuters) - Dubbed the "sweetheart" of Venezuela's socialist revolution more than a decade ago by former President Hugo Chavez, American lawyer Eva Golinger accompanied him to eat lunch with Bashar al-Assad, dine with Muammar Gaddafi and drink cocktails with Vladimir Putin. She was showered by impromptu kisses from supporters when in Venezuela but reviled and spat at by critics, who branded her a naive foreigner supporting a corrupt and repressive government - often on Western TV news shows. In recent months, however, Golinger has increasingly criticized the policies of Chavez's successor, Nicolas Maduro, who she says has trampled basic rights and let corruption run rampant......To Read More....
My Take - I love these western leftists who promote leftist thugs and tyrants and then are shocked when these thugs impose tyranny.  Of course her view is this is not Hugo Chavez's fault!  He would have never allowed things to get this bad if he was still alive.  To believe that really takes a special kind of stupid. 
That's the facsinating thing about these loons, there's alway a loop hole in their condemnation.  This woman, Bernie Sanders, Sean Penn and all the leftists who've benefitted so amazingly well from living in this American capitalist hell didn't permenantly move to Venezuela where their hero, Hugo Chavez,  was in charge and creating another socialist paradise .  Why?  Because are all hypocrites and liars.  So many of them are over educated and undersmart.  They can't claim they didn't know this was going to happen because this is the history of leftism.  And that history is incontestable. 



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