Thursday, July 27, 2017

Jeff Sessions Is Indeed on the Way Out

Too much has come to a head against one of the honorable and dedicated men in the Trump administration.

Arnold Steinberg July 25, 2017

More than two thousand libertarians attended the annual Freedom Fest conference last weekend in Las Vegas. Numerous speakers focused their criticism of the Trump Administration on one man — Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

It wasn’t personal animus toward Jeff Sessions. Some of the speakers know him and like him. I even heard a few critical of Sessions to acknowledge that he is a “good and decent man” but he is “wrong…on issues that ‘libertarians care about.’”

More than one of his critics was even sympathetic — noting that Sessions was being subject to a “slow water torture” — unseemly and undignified, and even unfair to Sessions, that is the leaks, and even the past statements by President Donald Trump.

This weekend conference concluded before the most recent statement by POTUS. I myself have had occasion to relieve people of their responsibilities, that is, to fire them. But I would treat those people with respect and courtesy and surely not criticize them in semi-public.....To Read More....

My Take - Sessions had to recuse himself as a matter of law?  Really? What law. I keep reading this but no one says what law requires it. I think that's a load of horsepucky. It's clear there's going to be a reckoning and at some point Senators are going to have to realize - they're not President of the United States. Mueller's gone and I now think Sessions is also gone sooner than I predicted.

Every President has saddled himself with appointees that needed to be fired but they were afraid it would be political suicide. Jimmy Carter is cited as such an example when he fired four cabinet heads, which they claim was an admission his administration was a mess and that's why he lost to Reagan. Baloney. He lost because he was an abject failure as a President. 

I don't like all this public backstabbing either.   If he's going to do it - do it now - and get if over with!

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