Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Conservative Columnist: After Years of Obamacare Promises, Force These GOP Senators to Vote

Guy Benson  Posted: Jul 24, 2017

And now, a practical follow-up to my item this morning about CBO's deeply misleading and flawed projections of coverage in a post-Obamacare world.  Democrats have been beating the drum about 22 million people "losing coverage" under the GOP plan, causing angst among wavering Republicans.

But that talking point is rooted in an unsupportable fiction, as exposed by Avik Roy over the weekend.  Anxious Republicans may also be spooked but the horrific polling numbers attached to their Obamacare alternatives, which can largely be traced back to lockstep liberal opposition, incoherence on the Right, and the GOP's confounding unwillingness to proactively sell their bill while forcefully rejecting lies about it.  But even the most timid of Senate Republicans should not mistake status quo bias and discomfort over replacement proposals with enthusiastic support for the wheezing, imploding status quo.  As I also highlighted earlier, that's emphatically not the case:.....To Read More....

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