Tuesday, July 25, 2017

RINOs: The Viet Cong of Political Warfare

By Don Bendell July 23, 2017

The Democrats are at least declared enemies who confront the Republican majority, proudly stating their goals and trying  to filibuster, rabble-rouse, slander, and essentially disrupt any republican attempts to get things done. They are akin to the North Vietnamese Army I fought against in South Vietnam in 1968 and 1969. I do not mean shooting and trying to kill my comrades or me, but the NVA were an organized, well-equipped, well-trained, motivated army who believed in their communist cause, were patriotic in their own way, and  who effectively used strategy and military tactics against our forces.

RINOs, (Republicans in Name Only) however are more akin to the Viet Cong guerillas I also had to fight against in South Vietnam. They could be more dangerous, because most of the time the VC, or Viet Cong, worked alongside us during the day as interpreters, members of our allied South Vietnamese Army, local farmers, merchants, and rice growers, or laborers. Friends we trusted, foreign nationals we employed. At night, they would, like serpentine predators, slither into their damp dark holes and hidden tunnels under their villages, secure their weapons, and come out to ambush the very men they had worked for and befriended during the day......... More

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