Sunday, July 23, 2017

What Criminal Charges Might Mueller Bring Against Donald Trump Jr.? Try None.

Jacob Frenkel Jul 17, 2017

 The revelations about Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian attorney who purported to have dirt on Hillary Clinton from the Russian government, while perceived by many as a “bombshell,” do not, without more information,support a criminal offense.

Collusion, while both unseemly and inviting microscopic and intense scrutiny, is not a criminal act. Talk of collusion, nevertheless, makes for newsworthiness. Criminal intent, which is central to every prosecution, is an essential element of a prosecutable offense. Despite the fact that half of America believes there are “guilty” parties yet to be charged, the facts in the public domain fall well short of evidencing criminal intent, let alone a conspiracy and an underlying criminal statute that parties conspired to violate........But, as it stands, and as stated before, the emails, by themselves -- even if they tend to prove that the President’s son, Manafort and Kushner all met with a Russian national -- still fail to show there was any agreement in place or any overt action taken to further a criminal act as part of that agreement.  Rather, the emails highlight the need for more information, most significantly regarding what actually transpired from the meeting.......To Read More....

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