Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Protestors Need Your Money

By Rich Kozlovich

So many of these townhall events are real freak shows.  It's clear these events are stacked with leftists wasting the time of anyone attempting to discuss anything intelligently.  They're constantly interrupting the speaker with cat calls, mindless liberal diatribe, and shouting.  They go to all these meetings, and we know some of them have been offered $15,000 a month to quit their jobs to be protesters.  Actually they're expected to become the leaders, recruiters and organizers of the anti-Trump movement, and if they don't do it very well....they're gone.

But here's the beauty of this.  By their actions they're in effect saying:  I didn't vote for you, I'm going to do everything in my power to destroy you and and your policies and I demand you abandon the views and positions of those who did vote for you.  And if you don't.....I'm not going to vote for you in the future! Wow!  Now, do they really think that's effective?  Yes - with the help of the left stream media - they do!

Now, let's think about this for a minute.   To be able to do the mental gymnastics that makes all of this seem rational must require extra special intelligence.  Especially since the issues they're demanding conservatives adopt are proven failures:  Health care, global warming, alternative energy, immigration, education and welfare among a few.  All failures the leftists demand conservatives adopting their failed policies. For which they'll blame conservatives for any disasters surrounding these schemes.....and leftists will be the first to point their fingers. 

But all these leftist issues have been abject failures, promulgated by the left, imposed on the nation by the left and administrated by the left,  and that's the reason Trump was elected, to fix these insane schemes of the left because the nation is sick of the left.  Except for the approximately 45% who still think socialism, abortion, welfare and high taxes on the rich are the answers to the nation's problems.  That in spite of the fact there is no successful historical precedent to justify that kind of thinking, but there's tons of history to show otherwise, and that history is incontestable. 

The worst of it is - many so-called conservatives fall for it.  But are they really conservatives?  George Will and Charles Krauthammer are perfect examples of highly educated, and highly intelligent people who professed to be voices of conservatism and yet have a moral foundation built on sand, and views that shift just as easily.  Their egos are so large it's makes me wonder how there can be any room left for intellect. 

Then there's John Kasich who believes he has the right to define conservatism as he see fit.  And he sees Obamacare as an expression of that definition - and according to him - with God's approval.   It's my belief John Kasich, John McCain, Jeb Bush and a host of other "conservatives" are clear representations of so many who claim to be conservatives - they suffer from a serious case of weird compounded by a massive infection of hubris. 

Okay, so why don't conservatives go there also? 

Years ago when I was a trustee of one of the trade associations representing Ohio's pesticide and fertilizer applicators we attended our scheduled beinnial visit to the Ohio State House to present our concerns and issues with our state's legislators.  It turns out there was a massive protest in Columbus that day over a bill regarding public employee unions.  What a circus, and it was a bit scary going through the gauntlet lining the front entrance, and one of the ladies in our group was even spit on.
But even in this setting you had to laugh at these people.  There were two guys walking around the capitol building over and over again with signs saying:  "Tea Partiers:  Get A Job!" 

Now, it's clear they thought they were making a real cogent argument, and to believe that takes some real mental gymnastics.

Tea Partiers have jobs, that's why they weren't there!  And when they're not working they go home, cut the grass, eat dinner and go to bed so they can go back to work the next day and put in another ten hour day, or go to a second job in order to pay the taxes that allow protesters to protest and not work.

Is it any wonder they think conservatives are stupid?

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