Sunday, July 23, 2017

Islam's Bizarre Philosophical Problem

By Mike Konrad July 22, 2017
When attacking an epistemological structure, it is a often a waste of time to attack the consequences of a belief system when one can cut it down at the root. Islam has such a bizarre problem. And Muslims avoid it, for fear it would cause the whole religion to collapse. ;"> Islam, like Judaism, is monadic. It only admits of a hard absolutely unitary deity. However, Islam makes an amazing contradictory statement: the Koran is eternal.

This introduces a real problem.  Anything which is eternal is, by definition, deity. And that strikes at the very core of Islam's claim to a hard monotheism.
[T]he Noble Quran, as is, is forever Preserved by Allah Almighty, and therefore Its Holy Words are Eternal. -- Answering Christianity, an Islamic site. This... sums up the doctrine of the massive majority of the Muslims, namely the People of the Sunna and the Congregation, concerning the pre-existent, pre-eternal, beginningless, and uncreated nature of the Divine Speech Allah Most High has named al-Qur'an --
Here is their disaster. If the Koran is uncreated, the Koran is a deity. Think about it. But if the Koran is God, and Allah is God, the Islamic doctrine of hard monadic monotheism falls apart. This is no mere sleight of hand. A few early Muslims noted the inconsistency and met an unhappy fate for bringing it up...........Read more

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