Thursday, July 27, 2017

GOP Turncoats Vote “No” To Obamacare Repeal, After They Voted “Yes” Under Obama

By Andrew West July 26, 2017

The American people will likely suffer under Obamacare’s disastrous price gouging mandate for some time to come, after several republicans defected today during an Obamacare repeal vote. For nearly seven years, Americans have begged and pleaded with federal officials to end the foolish and expensive experiment known as Obamacare.  The disastrous legislation, forced to limp through the legislative process despite significant, damaging last minute changes by congress, became the law of the land early in Barack Obama’s first term as President.  Soon after, the American people would be under siege, as the IRS began implementing enormous fines should American citizens not purchase health insurance.  Worse still, this predictably raised insurance premium rates to an obscene cost, forcing many Americans to choose between the IRS penalty and healthcare.......To Read More....

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