Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Age of Lunacy: Part I

 By Rich Kozlovich

I read an article by Rick Moran on the American Thinker website entitled, Movie reviewer complains no women, people of color in Dunkirk, discussing reviewerBrian Truitt, of USA Today complaining, "The trio of timelines can be jarring as you figure out how they all fit, and the fact that there are only a couple of women and no lead actors of color may rub some the wrong way."

Apparently Truitt was unaware this movie is about a true story.  An actual historical event where-in  white men were dying on the beaches of Dunkirk being saved by other white men - many of them civilians - putting their lives and their property at very real risk in order to save these white men.  So, were there any people of color there?  I have no idea and I don't care quite frankly because if there were that number had to be amazingly small.  But given the time frame - it's unlikely they were among those fighting regiments of English soldiers.

Moran pointed out the politically correct watchdogs touted this same horn about the 1993 film Gettysburg.  There were black regiments in the Union Army, but none of them were at gettysburg.  If that's the case then why would they be in the film?   Because political correctness is more important than facts or historical accuracy!   Can you imagine how excited the PC Police would have been if Maxine Waters played General Lee instead of Martin Sheen, or even better, Wanda Sykes, a black woman lesbian?  Now that's inclusion!

Then we have students petitioning their college to close Chick-fil-A because it's 'homophobic'.  As always with the left a small minority with radical - and often non-traditional views - attempt to force their views on the American public.   Once again the leftists demand no opinions but their own be tolerated.  Leftist views have been detrimental to society for decades and the public remains silent for fear of being accused of some phobia or other. 

As for what goes on in universities - if there ever was a case for believing these are insane aslyums being run by the inmates, this is it.

Currently the national debt for student loans is "$1.4 trillion"  Yes, you got it right.  That's trillion! "$600 billion more than all the US credit card debt combined!" And what are they "teaching" these kids?  Well, one thing they're promoting is it's acceptable to be a racist if you hate white people. 

"New York University Librarian says she has hit her “race fatigue” limit while being in the presence of “white people.”'  Was she black? Of course!  How do I know that?  If she were white the internet would have lighted up with outrage demanding her firing.  That didn't happen.

Harvard wants to expel any student that joins “single gender” social clubs, fraternities, sororities, and others."' In another case one "university professor wrote that citations in scholarly articles contribute to “white heteromasculinity” especially if they question research by women and people of color!"  Which of course means it's unacceptable to peer review or criticize any research done by a black or a woman, especially a black woman.  And "Harvard will also be deleting the reference to Puritans from their alma mater. Why you ask? Because it’s not diverse or inclusive."  Got to get rid of all that pesky history stuff. 

In fact it appears these "institutions of higher learning "now have segregated graduations because nothing says inclusiveness and equality like segregation! Are these professors and administrators really educated?"

And now "Eloy Ortiz Oakley, chancellor of California Community Colleges wants to abolish the college algebra requirement and called it a “civil rights issue."'  I can understand that, after all, how can these students be expected to devote time to demonstrations supporting the latest leftist philosophical flavor of the day if they're required to actually study?

We truly have created an Age of Lunacy.

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