Thursday, July 27, 2017

Measles Outbreak Out Of Control In Europe

By Julianna LeMieux — July 17, 2017

Measles outbreaks create a lot of fear (and frustration) in people.

That is, in part, because measles 1) is extremely contagious - one person will spread it to 90% of non-immunized people that they contact 2) can spread quickly in a population that is under-vaccinated 3) can lead to long-term health complications and/or death 4) is completely preventable due to an effective vaccine.

People suffering from measles seems ridiculous, given that the United States declared that measles was eliminated in 2000.

However, falling vaccination rates in the United States have caused several recent outbreaks. In 2015, a nationwide spread that originated at the Disneyland Resort Theme Parks in California led to 147 cases. From these, there was one reported death - the first measles related death since 2003. In addition, there is currently an outbreak going on in the Somali community in Minnesota (79 cases - no deaths so far.) .......... To Read More....

My Take - Insane leftists have to have scares or they will have to get real jobs. Virtually everything they promote ends up as a disaster for those who follow them, or those who have their schemes imposed on them.  I often wonder at the heartache of those parents who refused to have their children vaccinated for childhood diseases and then watched them unnecessarily die because they listened so some Hollywood loon. 
The blood on the hands of these activists of the left is staggering and far worse than the socialist monsters of the 20th century (fascism and communism are two sides of the same coin - socialism)who killed 100 million innocent people to promote the socialist state.  The activist have surpassed them and the number is growing.
DDT was the start, unnecessarily killing up to 100 million people, causing billions to the sickened with long term negative consequences for the survivors.  And that was just the beginning. 
The one thing no one asks: When are they going to be held accountable for what they've wrought?

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