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Friday, January 27, 2017

What Trump Can Expect from Hollywood

And how he should fight back.

Daniel Greenfield  76  January 26, 2017

When Bush left office, he was followed out the door by two movies. W, by Marxist crackpot Oliver Stone, was a Saturday Night Live skit with an all-star cast. The movie lost money and was quickly forgotten. The other, even more toxic production was Death of a President, released years earlier which fantasized about Bush’s assassination and remained a guilty pleasure for left-wing viewers.

Obama departs with a very different industry farewell. Southside With You glamorizes his first date with Michelle. And Netflix is pushing Barry, which revisits Obama as a college student wondering just how he’s going to wreck the country. Both movies are love letters to a man whom Hollywood loves. As opposed to its Bush movies which were cinematic poison pen notes to a man whom it hated......To Read More....

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