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Monday, January 30, 2017

Voter fraud: The issue won’t die

By Howard J. Warner January 28, 2017

A recent university analysis has given a basis for the Trump argument that there is significant voter fraud.  Old Dominion associate professor Jesse Richman, through an online, survey has suggested that 100,000 non-citizens may have cast votes for Hillary Clinton.  The extension of this analysis is that as many as 800,000 non-citizens could have voted for the Clinton candidacy.  Richman cautions that this number is likely too high, though.  Some Republicans want to avoid this issue, as they fear a legitimacy backlash.  Democrats at first laughed about this but now want to stop any search for information......... Democrats claim that this investigation will result in voter suppression.  The question is whether these suppressed voters are eligible under our laws.........The real concern for Democrats is that systematic violations will be uncovered........Read more

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