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Friday, January 27, 2017

Washington Post: Halting refugees from Muslim countries 'triggers fears across the globe'

Published by Dan Calabrese

Oh for crying out loud. Trump is doing exactly what he said all along that he would do. It's not about "banning a religion" or "hating Muslims." It's about recognizing that the perpetrators of just about every major terrorist act in recent years have come from within a certain subset of the global population, and that we're doing almost nothing as it stands right now to vet these people before we let them into the country.

Putting a halt to it until we come up with a more effective vetting method should be a basic fundamental from Governing 101.   And if the Washington Post doesn't think there's any threat from refugees, maybe it could consult, oh, I don't know . . . the Washington Post to find out about that.

But there's only one priority for the Post these days, and that's the War Against Donald Trump, so instead of a clear-eyed look at this issue, we get hysterics like this:

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