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Monday, January 30, 2017

Trump is right: The New York Times is failing financially

By Ed Straker January 29, 2017

Perhaps distressed by the repeated use of "false" "and "untrue" in most articles bearing his name, Donald Trump struck back at the New York Times, saying:.......Subscribers and audience are at an all-time high.  Unfortunately, more and more of those subscribers are digital subscribers, who pay only a fraction of what print subscribers pay.  Furthermore, advertising revenues are way off, and the Times is laying off staff....... So while the Times is technically correct, Donald Trump was correct in the larger sense that the Times is failing financially.

The Times is used to bullying Republican presidents, and rhetorically beating them into subservience, as it did with George W. Bush. It doesn't know how to handle a president who fights back. The Times can dish it out, accusing the president of lying, but it doesn't know how to take it when it faces the same accusations of lying.

Expect it to sink more and more into irrelevance as Trump's narrative, that the Times is "false news," becomes more accepted...........Read more

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