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Monday, January 30, 2017

More 'Rules' Sean Spicer Can Change for the Press Pool

Ned Barnett

Press Secretary Sean Spicer has begun to emulate the president, imposing new procedures on a reluctant, self-focused press corps. 


But more can be done. As Miami-Dade Mayor proved by abandoning his city’s long-standing status as a Sanctuary City demonstrates, President Trump is a broom that is sweeping clean. He’s dramatically changing how government is “supposed" to work, focusing instead on making government work better for all Americans.

After what some considered a “false start,” Press Secretary Sean Spicer has emulated the President, imposing new procedures on a reluctant, self-focused press corps. Kudos. This transformation began when Spicer – abandoning tradition – began his very first press Q&A by calling on less well-known reporters, instead of deferring to favored, “front row” media.  

He then doubled down by stripping the senior-most press corps member’s “right” to close each press briefing. Both of those “press perks” gave the White House press corps real power over these briefings. That was in fact a great start, but even more is needed to take back control of press briefings.........More

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