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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Journalists Meltdown, Cry Over Trump Refugee Executive Order

Derek Hunter

Journalists are not taking the news of President Donald Trump’s executive order pausing admission of refugees from seven nations very well. Many have taken to social media to express outrage over Trump’s action, forgetting former President Barack Obama did the same thing to Iraqi refugees for six months in 2011........Read more

My Take - These leftist misfits are part of the "undermine the western world" cabal.  All of these comments we're seeing from Hollywood, industry and the media are logical fallacies, misdirection and outright lies.  They destroy us with our own values.  We have to see past these accusations and claims.  We're not going to lose the rest of the world's best minds.  Those people will end up here if they desire eventually.  If anyone wants to point the finger of blame anywhere they shouldn't be pointing it at Trump.  They should be pointing it at Bush for not having the courage to fix this during his administration and Obama for allowing this whole immigration issue to get out of control. 

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