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Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Papal Wrecking Ball

Another week of Francis puzzling and punishing conservatives
George Neumayr January 27, 2017

Under Pope Francis, the new orthodoxy is heterodoxy and woe to those who don’t conform to it. Headlines appeared this week announcing that the pope “had taken over the Knights of Malta after condom dispute.”......Pope Francis was dismayed by the removal of a Knights of Malta official who had overseen the order’s humanitarian agency, which had been handing out contraceptives to prostitutes and aid workers in Asia........Once again, the pope’s priorities have been revealed. Countless Catholic organizations, schools, and orders, starting with the pope’s own, the Jesuits, promote heresy and scandal of one kind or another. Yet he never lifts a finger to police any of them. On the contrary, they receive his warm praise. Only conservatives fall under his withering gaze. He is indulgent toward every flock except his faithful own, whom he showers with epithets, from “rigid” to “judgmental” to “neurotic.”...........Were he calling for obedience to Church teaching, no one could fault him. But he is not. He is calling for obedience to his own modernist whims. While he purges conservatives from the Church, he clears out space in it for her enemies. From the corridors of the U.N. to the halls of Havana and Beijing, anti-Catholic statists can always count on him to soft-pedal their encroachments upon the Church, as evident in his outrageous recent interview in which he said that Chinese Catholics can “practice [their] faith in China.” No, they can’t. The ones faithful to Catholic orthodoxy are treated brutally........To Read More....

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