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Friday, January 27, 2017

Brains of people with autism share distinct genetic ‘signature’


The brains of people with autism show a distinct molecular signature, according to the largest-yet postmortem study of people with the condition. The signature reflects alterations in how genes are pieced together and expressed.  “We can be now fairly certain that this pattern really means something,” says lead researcher Daniel Geschwind, distinguished professor of neurology, psychiatry and human genetics at the University of California, Los Angeles......To Read More....

My Take - Does this mean pesticides don't cause autism?  Oh no!  Can this be true?  Horror or horrors, how can this be true?   Ben Franklin once noted that truth will very patiently wait for us, and truth has consistently proven this about green claims: the greenies are wrong....again!  We need to understand the greenies have come to almost have a monopoly on wrong.  That's history - and that history is incontestable! So why do we listen to these irrational, misanthropic and morally defective people. 

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