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Thursday, January 26, 2017

I was trapped on a train with smug 'Women's March' feminists. This is what I overheard

By Carly Hoilman January 23, 2017

After spending a busy inauguration week in D.C., I couldn’t have been more ready to board the train home to New York City. As I waited at Union Station, I felt the adrenaline leaving my system, and began to notice how completely drained I was........ covering the Women’s March on Washington Saturday....... the Women’s March left me feeling less satisfied and more desperate … and even angry.

After boarding I observed, to my dismay, that the train from D.C. to Penn Station was packed with Women’s March attendees — a horde of smug feminists, some still carrying signs and sporting their pink “pussy” hats. There was one exception: a college-age girl wearing a “Make America Gay Again” hat...............“Oh my gosh,” I thought to myself. “These people really feel like they’ve turned the country on its head.”........   I’ve never felt so keenly aware of how broken our culture is — with hundreds of thousands of militant women around the world boldly asserting their right to kill unborn children, threatening any man or women who dares to stand in their way. How confidently did they assume that no reasonable person would object to their noble cause. How wrong they............... To Read More....

My Take - One thing is always apparent with radicals - no matter how stupid they sound, no matter how stupid they look, no matter how irrational their actions and thoughts are demonstrated by their actions - they're so confident of their own righteousness reality is beyond them.  Why?  They've created their own reality.  A reality where all they do and say is victorious,  brilliant and essential for humanities happiness, and then they strut around like clowns in a circus.  We need to thank these people!  I've been saying this for years - until the American public can see who these lunatics really are - they'll continue to support the legal arm of their radical movement - the Democratic Party, which is supported by the MSM, which is America's equivalent of Tass.  These people are so irrational, misanthropic and morally defective I have to believe they're insane.

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