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Friday, January 27, 2017

Media: So Who Are These People?

By Rich Kozlovich

On January 25, 2017 local TV station Chicago 5 news published an article on their web site stating there were 6 Shot at Memorial For Victim of Chicago Gun ViolenceThey went on to say:

The victims included the mother of the person being memorialized and a 12-year-old girl, according to a community activist and police......during the memorial......for a victim of a previous act of gun violence.... in the city’s Greater Grand Crossing community."  Also shot was a 20 year old woman who was shot in the leg, a 43 year old victim was shot in the hand, a 16 year old boy was sot in the neck, and a 17 year old was shot in the arm.   All interesting information but something is left out! 

What is it?  What was the race of these victims and the race of those who shot them?  

We know it wasn't a white person, or persons, who did the shooting because the media would be off the charts with outrage and finger pointing righteous indignation.  We know it wasn't a cop for the same reason.  How about Hispanic, Asians or others?  We don't know from the reporting because they don't say.  Why don't they say it?  They would if the attackers were white!

Let's take a look at the racial makeup of the Greater Grand Crossing communityBlack, 96.9%. • Hispanic, 1.19%. • Asian, 0.06%. • Other, 1.3%.

So would it be racist if I suggested - even mildly - these victims just might be black and were shot by other blacks?  Let's not kid ourselves - the victims and the perpetrators were black, and the media is deliberately avoiding that fact. 

What was the concern expressed regarding "the opposition to those attending the memorial"- of "community activist" Jedidiah Brown?   He told reporters “I’m asking that those individuals who may see this, that are planning retaliation right now, that you stand down from that and that we look for peaceful alternatives.”

Wait, what's going on here?  Retaliation?  Opposition to a memorial?  Peaceful alternatives?  Is this a war zone?  Yes - it is! And what a corrupt complicit media refuses to say this is not only gang warfare, it's black gang warfare, and it's rampant.  And this is just one incident on one day. 

This is the problem with "community organizers" - they're incapable of organizing anything, except getting their names in the paper and government funding for....well....who knows what. 

I have no doubt the victim who was being memorialized and those who perpetrated this crime were all gang members destroying the black community - with support from these self serving "community organizers", the black political leadership, a complicit corrupt media, and most importantly - the ministers in the black churches for not standing up against the crime and violence and the source of it - single parent families and government assistance that made them slaves to the federal government and the Democratic party.   All of which has destroyed the work ethic and the family structure so necessary for any community to be successful.  But that takes work, and that kind of work that brings a lot of criticism and abuse to those doing it because they have to point out to people what they're doing wrong and how they must change.  No one likes that, and it's not profitable. 

It isn't white America who's destroying black America.  Very few whites have anything to do with selling drugs to that community, raping black women,  impregnating these women and then abandoning they and their children, robbing black stores and innocent people, destroying the homes and businesses, or perpetrating all this unparalleled violence on blacks.   It's not whites who are causing black kids to adopt the idea going to school, studying and learning is acting white. 

It's much easier for race hustlers - aka - community organizers to blame cops and whites than face the real work of fixing the complete social collapse of black America.  It's not easy to get a community that's collapsed so badly to understand to have successful lives for themselves and their children.  What's a successful life.  Getting an education - getting a job - getting up and going to work everyday, on time - doing the job your hired to do - leaving on time - not stealing from the employer - marrying the women you're making children with - don't use drugs - don't do crimes, in short - abandon everything the black community has accepted as "normal" and "being black".   

But these community organizers and race hustlers in and out of politics recognize the one all encompassing fact that really concerns them.  That's not profitable.  Just ask Reverend's Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson!

Oh, one more thing.  Where are the BLM rioters over this?

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