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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Klayman: It's a Shame That Jake Tapper Is Destroying His Reputation by Whoring It Up to Please CNN's Brass! Maybe He Will Get a Raise!

Tapper: No evidence of voter fraud claim - Follow us on Twitter and Facebook

CNN January 25, 2017
CNN's Jake Tapper responds to Donald Trump's claim that millions committed voter fraud in the 2016 presidential elections.  Continue Reading.....

My Take - When the investigation ends we'll see the MSM do another ashes and sackcloth show because they've all jumped on this saying the same things, and it appears many on Fox News are playing the game also.  Fox is only marginally better than the rest...marginally!  The fact of the matter is the only thing that keeps any of them in line is they're being forced to tell the truth - kicking and screaming about it - because of blogsters.  If peope want to know the truth that's where they have to start.  Watching CNN or any of the MSM is a waste of time and not much better than reading Tass or Pravda.  Except for a few shows, watching Fox is for the most part not much better.  The day to day reporting is almost as bad as CNN, and Shepard Smith is a perfect example of what's wrong with Fox.

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