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Monday, January 30, 2017

The Marxist cult of destiny, 2016

James Lewis

Smart conservatives immerse themselves in the real world. Liberals do not. Which is why we can take Trump’s more outrageous utterances as hyperbolic exaggerations, while Libs are convinced that Trump is a Demon from Hell. It would be funny if it weren’t so destructive and sad. Because we are so focused on the real world, we keep forgetting how fantasy-driven the Left really is. But it should not surprise us.

The Left really believes its otherworldly dreams. As with orthodox Marxists, the Left adamantly believes it is “Progressive,” implying that its adherents know the inevitable and virtuous outcome of history. In the Soviet Union the Party truly believed every five years that Stalin’s commands to fix agriculture were bound to work this time around. They never worked, and Moscow would punish the guilty parties, suffering from a “delusion of control” that they could predict how the laboring peasants would behave, or what impact new technology would have, and at one point, how the genetics of what and potatoes could be controlled by centralized command. Stalin’s favorite “agronomist,” Trofim Lysenko, peddled the lie that crops could be forced to grow bigger.

Stalin believed Lysenko’s delusion, and as a result the peasants were punished for not magicking new species of wheat and potatoes into being. Naturally millions of people died of starvation. The Party was bitterly disappointed after every Five-Year Plan, but Moscow would whip up the masses again for the next Plan, and millions of people had to go along. Lenin and Stalin killed tens of millions of “rich peasants” without ever learning how to feed their country.......... Read more

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