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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Why Are Jews Democrats? Part II

But the Democratic party isn't the party of their fathers and grandfathers.  The failed socialist policies of the left are not just failures - they've made the lives of those they claim to be helping far worse off than if they'd done nothing.  Failed policies they're not only unwilling to abandon - they want to double down on those policies.  Why?  That emotional harangue they spew out keeps them in power, and Jews, because of their history, can't abandon the  emotional appeal that says - we should help our fellow man. 

Democratic party ideology in not one that supports the idea if you “hard work and you’ll be rewarded” coupled with the essential American societal promise of non-discrimination (certainly not perfect in actuality, but orders of magnitude better than what it had been in Europe and Russia) were well-accepted by Jewish immigrants to the U.S in the first half of the 20th century. Those are the generations that spawned today’s liberal Jewish majority." 

In spite of their anti-Israel positions of the Democratic party and this past administration in particular, the "vast majority of American Jews remain wedded to the liberal/Democratic mindset"........ "with 80 to 90% of the Jewish vote going to Democrats.  Every time!" 

There are basic concepts that I've found to be true, and one of them is you can't reason people out of a position they've not been reasoned into.  While that's not 100% true 100% of the time - it is largely true.

Jews strongly believe in education, hard work and professional success, and yet Jews, often considered the smartest ethnic group on the planet, still support failed socialist policies and those who promote them. 

I have the real answer, which is eluded to by the author when he says immigrant Jews were attracted to the "American liberal philosophy appealed to them on an emotional level, since it represented the social freedom that had eluded them for generations in the ‘old country"......[which] was the closest counterpart to the European leftists who had favored Jewish emancipation.”

That's the key!  Why?  Because European leftists were socialists and they were in large part atheists, promoting an atheistic world view.  Modern Jews have abandoned their traditional religious views and values by adopting "liberalism" as a secular religion, and to abandon that "faith based initiative" is heresy, even if it means adopting the most anti-Judaic/Christian value of them all - abortion - the murder of the unborn as a right.

Will that change? No! At least not for 20 more years.  By then my parents generation will be gone, and my generation will be largely gone.  Then I think there will be a substantial shift in views, not entirely, but if 25% of Jews and 10% of blacks fail to vote for Democrats no Democrat can be least with the current national demographic make-up. 

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