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Thursday, January 26, 2017


How Merkel's mistakes are empowering anti-Semites.

Caroline Glick January 25, 2017 54 

Originally published by the Jerusalem Post

Two days before the leaders of European far-right parties met in Koblentz on January 21, one of the leaders of Germany’s far-right AfD party made clear why so many people fear the rise of nationalist forces in Europe.  Speaking at a rally in Dresden, Bjorn Hocke, AfD’s state leader in Thuringia, attacked the Holocaust memorial in Berlin. In his words, “Germans are the only people in the world who plant a monument of shame in the heart of the capital.”.......Judith Bergman reported last week at the Gatestone Institution website, in July 2016, 30 people had their homes raided by German police for publishing anti-immigration posts online.

If Merkel spent more time listening to her constituents and less time rejecting their right to their entirely rational opinions, the AfD would probably not be so powerful today. In all likelihood, AfD politicians wouldn’t be embarrassed when their colleague mouthed off about Holocaust memorials because their constituents wouldn’t include anyone who had a problem with people like Hocke.......To Read More....

My Take - I've said this in the past and will repeat it here.  European nations are socialist nations and will remain socialist nations.  But in days gone by they were ruled by nationalist socialists such as Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, and others less tyrannical, but nationalists none the less.

Today they're ruled by internationalist socialists like Merkle.  But there are nationalist socialist waiting in the wings and tomorrow Europe will be ruled by nationalists socialists.  The big difference between these nationalists and those of days gone by is - they're not going to be concerned with conquering the world - they're going to be concerned with saving their world.  Given the low birth rate among ethnic Europeans, that will requiring expelling all these immigrant Muslims and maybe those born in Europe, or they will cease to exist as Europeans.   Shocking?  When their economies collapse and Muslims continue in their violent behavior and growth in population, there will be a violent backlash that's going to be impossible to control forcing them to expel Muslims.  Who knows, they may even go so far as to embrace old style European Christianity as the binding force for such actions. 

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