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Monday, March 28, 2016

"I Was Only Good at Enjoying It"

By Mark Steyn

The War on the West:

Re the Brussels bloodbath, I mentioned on Tuesday that an attack on the section of the airport outside the security perimeter was entirely predictable. Yours truly in 2009:
The second thought that strikes you is that the ever-longer lines to get into the "secure" area are now the least secure area in America. Why not blow up the security line? You could kill as many people as on an airplane, and inflict more long-term economic damage. But don't worry. The TSA has plans to expand the "secure" area, so the insecure perimeter will be somewhere else, with even more vulnerable people standing around waiting to get into it.
As I added on Tuesday:
Clearly we need a secure zone outside the secure zone - maybe, say, outside the concourse. So everyone has to crowd on the sidewalk. And then when they blow that up we can move it back to the perimeter of the airport. And then...
But you can't parody the reaction of a western ruling class determined to punish their own citizens for the consequences of the elite's lunatic immigration policies. And so inevitably........Europe would rather destroy itself than retreat from the delusions of multiculturalism. And so once free peoples must get used to ever more indignities and inconveniences, and ultimately a lot less of core liberties like freedom of expression and freedom of movement. The geniuses of the EU political class have decided not to solve the problem but to manage it, via ever more constraints on you........To Read More

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