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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Strip the Courts of Power over Redistricting

By: Daniel Horowitz | March 21, 2016

Earlier today, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the Virginia redistricting case on appeal from a lower court decision to completely redraw the map in the middle of an election.  Once again, the most important political questions of our time are all decided by the unelected branch of government – the one that was to have “neither force nor will.” 

The practice of gerrymandering, drawing congressional district boundaries to benefit those in power, is as old as it is unfair.  After all, this odious practice was named after one of its earliest practitioners, Elbridge Gerry, one of the top Founders and the fifth vice president of the United States.  However, what is a new and even more pernicious practice is the federal court system disenfranchising the voters and redrawing congressional districts in the ultimate act of legislating from the bench.....

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