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Friday, March 25, 2016

American Council on Science and Health

No Wine-ing: Moderate Drinking Not So Beneficial After All - An analysis of 87 studies squashed the notion that moderate consumption of alcohol, including wine, has any benefit to longevity. This comes after earlier research seemed to indicate the opposite. We wish science would make up its mind. Read more

Japanese Longevity Linked to Healthy Eating - The Japanese population is known for living long lives, and a new study suggests that adherence to that culture's version of a dietary guideline is associated with a reduced risk of all-cause mortality. In addition, balanced consumption of all foods seems to be associated with greater longevity. Read more

Effective Ways to Handle Allergy Season’s Arrival - Spring is in the air -- and as of last Sunday, also on your calendar. With it comes allergy season, as pollen counts rapidly rise. And if you're one of the nearly 60 million Americans who will begin the annual battle with hay fever and similar annoyances, these guidelines can help red-nosed folks get through the suffering a little easier. Read more

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