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Monday, March 21, 2016

You Won’t Believe What Black Lives Matter is Threatening if Trump Wins

By Philip Hodges March 20, 2016

Rapper and prominent Black Lives Matter activist Tef Poe tweeted out that if Trump wins, “niggas…are fully hell bent on inciting riots everywhere.”   Not long after he tweeted that message to “white people,” Tef Poe – whose Twitter handle is “War Machine III” – deleted it and then denied having sent it. However, the tweet was archived and can be viewed here.   He also said in a following tweet that “we’ve been too nice as is,” and that if Trump wins, there “ain’t no more rules.” Right after he deleted his initial tweet about “inciting riots everywhere,” he blamed others for slandering him and claimed that he didn’t make any threats. He tweeted:.....To Read More

If you do, you’ll automatically be labeled a racist.

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