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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How Much Global Cooling Will We See On Transition To La Niña?

German Industry Fears Eco-Dictatorship
The potential for the massive El Niño to transition into La Niña later in the year is one of the hottest topics in commodities markets right now. The short question-and-answer session would look like this: Are we headed for La Niña toward the end of 2016? Looks that way. Will it be a big one? Not sure. A La Niña environment has already begun to develop. Cooler waters are building beneath the surface in the Pacific Ocean and El Niño-supporting trade winds have lessened. But sea surface temperatures, or SSTs, in the defining region of the Pacific remain very warm, so we are still amid a strong El Niño event. --Karen Braun, Reuters, 18 March 2016

In Paris everyone still felt great. The United Nations Climate Change Conference last December concluded in collective rapture because the international community had proclaimed the decarbonisation of the world economy. Soon after the Party, however, the hangover followed. Higher rents, higher taxes, restructuring forced onto homeowners, speed limits on motorways and massive cost increases for industrial enterprises: This could be the consequences if the proposals by the Federal Environment Ministry for future German climate policy may soon acquire the force of law. Business associations warn of "catastrophic economic consequences" if the action plan really would become law. The heating industry warned of an imminent "ecological or climate dictatorship." –-Daniel Wetzel, Die Welt, 21 March 2016

When examining the catalogue of measures proposed in the Environment Ministry’s bill, one has to wonder if the German government has any remaining connection left to reality. If this bill does not get watered down severely – very severely, then Germany may find itself building a wall to keep the citizens and companies in – and not refugees out. It’s mind-boggingly radical and extreme. Germany’s Ministry Of Environment obviously does not have a balanced panel of advisors, rather one likely made up of the most extreme environmental activists. –Pierre Gosselin,
No Tricks Zone, 21 March 2016

On January 8, 2014, the White House posted a controversial video claiming that global warming causes more severe winter cold. Called “The Polar Vortex Explained in 2 Minutes,” it featured the director of the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy (OSTP), claiming that a “growing body of evidence” showed that the “extreme cold being experienced by much of the United States” at the time was “a pattern that we can expect to see with increasing frequency as global warming continues.” This claim was questioned by many scientists and commentators. After OSTP persisted in keeping these records secret, CEI sued it in federal court in October 2014. In February 2016, U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta ruled that OSTP must produce these records. --Hans Bader, Liberty Unyielding, 18 March 2016

Any day now a Canadian court could force the radical environmental group Greenpeace to open up its records world-wide to scrutiny from attorneys for Resolute Forest Products. The progressive green bullies may have picked on the wrong business. Standard operating procedure for many companies faced with a protest campaign is to write a check and hope it goes away. But not at Montreal-based Resolute. CEO Richard Garneau tells us, “If you believe you’re on firm ground, you stand firm.” Greenpeace has tried to contain the Resolute case and ensure it only affects its Canadian operations, but Justice Fitzpatrick wisely understood that it is one global organization. Now the Divisional Court in Ontario is considering the issue and if Greenpeace loses again, the outfit could soon be coughing up the internal documents behind its various campaigns of fear and intimidation world-wide. --
The Wall Street Journal, 19 March 2016

Just when we think the world can’t get any madder, along comes something to show that we haven’t yet seen the half of it (who, three years ago, could have predicted the rise of Isil or Donald Trump?). Another such moment came last Monday when our energy minister Andrea Leadsom told MPs that the Government now believes that we should “enshrine” in law the “Paris goal” of cutting our emissions of CO2 to “zero”. So carried away into cloud cuckoo land have been all those responsible for our energy policy that Mrs Leadsom now proposes that we should go literally for broke. If our existing policy is like committing suicide by taking ever larger doses of paracetamol, she now wants us to make doubly sure by knocking back a cup of cyanide. --Christopher Booker,
The Sunday Telegraph, 20 March 2016
Tesla has quietly removed all references to its 10-kilowatt-hour residential battery from the Powerwall website, as well as the company’s press kit. Today, a Tesla representative confirmed the 10-kilowatt-hour option has been discontinued. The 10-kilowatt-hour option was marketed as a backup power supply capable of 500 cycles, at a price to installers of $3,500. Tesla was angling to sell the battery to consumers that want peace of mind in the event the grid goes down, like during another Superstorm Sandy. The problem is that the economics for a lithium-ion backup battery just aren’t that attractive. --Julia Pyper, Green Tech Media, 18 March 2016
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