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Monday, March 21, 2016

Pamela Geller's Atlas Shrugs

Virginia Muslim wanted to join ISIS, “chop heads - America is under siege from within, but to talk about it honestly is islamofauxbic. This savage wanted to chop off heads and kill and be killed for Allah. Where did he learn this? What mosque did he go to in Virginia? Is it being investigated? Why not?

Muslim Migrant Gangs Leave Severed Head On Amsterdam Street -  Get used to it. Islam in the West. The poison fruit of multiculturalism. In Amsterdam a severed head was found laying in the open street. It is just the latest gruesome murder in what is being called the “MOCRO War” involving North African migrants from Morocco.

Ohio Muslim Pleads Guilty to Trying to Help ISIS - What mosque did Amir Said Rahman Al-Ghazi attend? It should be investigated and, of found to be preaching jihad, shut down. This shouldn’t even be controversial.

Muslim Police in France Refuse to Protect Synagogues - This is just the first hint of what is to come. Daniel Greenfield writes: “At least they’re not bombing them. Yet.” But they will be, and soon. Islamic Jew-hatred. It’s in the quran. And now it’s in in France, and all over Europe, courtesy the European Union’s feckless and suicidal immigration policies.

Islamic savagery in London: Muslims flay their skins with chains with razor-sharp knives attached - The barbarians are at it again, and the Daily Mail, as craven as ever, practices moral equivalence: “Self-flagellation is also a rarely observed Christian tradition. In the 13th Century, a group of Roman Catholics – known as the Flagellants – went to extreme ends. They were later condemned by Rome as a cult, but the practice continues among some Catholics in the Philippines and Mexico. Some members of the Catholic lay organisation Opus Dei also practise milder self-flagellation using a whip of knotted cords.” None of these groups are drawing blood to the extent that it spatters through the air and runs through the streets. This is just an attempt to normalize and minimize the horror of this savage practice. But you can see...

Netanyahu: Israel investigating if Istanbul attack was aimed at Israelis, Turkish official wishes for death of wounded Israeli tourists -  Under President Erdogan, Islamic Jew-hatred has run amok. Obama’s “favorite” and “most trusted” foreign leader has hurled Turkey back into the Islamic stone age. An official from Erdogan’s ruling Justice and Development Party said she hoped Israeli tourists injured in Saturday’s deadly suicide bombing in downtown Istanbul had died.  The age of Ataturk is increasingly becoming an historical footnote as opposed to Islam in the modern age (an oxymoron in and of itself).

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