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Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Politics of Food Labeling

July 18, 2013 by John Rigolizzo, Jr.
“There is no such thing as too much information,” said New Jersey lawmaker BettyLou DeCroce a few days ago.  That’s definitely not true. We’ve all experienced “TMI” moments.  Then there’s TMI’s close cousin: utterly useless information. And that’s what DeCroce unfortunately supports in New Jersey. She backs a bill that would require all food sold in the state to carry special labels when it’s made with ordinary plants that I’ve grown for years on my New Jersey farm.
Labels specifically for food with genetically modified ingredients provide utterly useless information. They won’t deliver any benefits to consumers, but they’ll force the price of food to rise for everyone.  The good news is that New Jersey probably won’t approve the legislation, at least not in the near term. Unlike most of the country, here in the Garden State we elect our lawmakers in odd-numbered years. Most analysts don’t expect major new initiatives until after November…..To Read More….

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