Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New petition gives Obama immunity for crimes

Activist and author Mark Dice is at it again, this time convincing people on the street who apparently support President Obama to sign a petition that would grant immunity to Obama for crimes he has committed in office. In his latest video, Dice tells one passerby the president is “under fire” and “we just need to get behind the president and show we will grant him immunity for any crimes he may have committed.”  “I’m sure he has a good reason,” Dice says.  One person after another signs the petition, tacitly acknowledging that Obama has committed crimes in office.….
Recently, as WND reported, he got people to sign a petition to do away with the First Amendment.  After all, as he told signers, “If you’re disagreeing President Obama, you’re obviously a racist of some kind. So we’re going to repeal the First Amendment. “I’m sure it’s just racist white Republicans making stuff up about him,” Dice said. “We just want to make sure citizens are behind him, granting him immunity.”
Dice’s Internet videos have received widespread attention, including mention on Fox News, CNN and the Drudge Report.  In video about the First Amendment, Dice explains to signers: “This will repeal the First Amendment so that those right wingers can’t say hateful things about Obama. … I’m tired of these people having the right to say what they want to say.”…To See The Video and Read More….

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