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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Reign of the man-child

By: John Hayward | July 24th, 2013

There’s a common thread running through Anthony Weiner’s latest sexting escapades, Barack Obama’s 19th pivot to the economy, and much else that’s going wrong in America today. This is the reign of the man-child, the era of perpetual teenage indulgence. Nothing is my fault, man. Nobody understands me. Everyone keeps hassling me about little stuff. Nobody can see the superhero I really am. Consequences are a drag, so quit living in the past.
Anthony Weiner, working under jokey pen names like “Carlos Danger,” is the perfect arrested adolescent. He’s a married man pushing 50 with a young child, but he carries on with 20-something girls like a drunken frat boy emailing pictures of his junk from a kegger. It’s virtually impossible to quote any of the “Carlos Danger” messages without offending the sensibilities of a mature audience. Does it date me to put it that way? Nowadays when you hear mention of “mature audiences,” you think cable TV is about to run something with salty language and frontal nudity. But a truly “mature” audience is offended by such crude displays, especially when they emanate from the cell phone of a man running for high office……To Read More…..

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