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Friday, July 19, 2013

Sprechen Sie “Green Energy”? ¡No Más!

Throw another shrimp on the parabolic solar reflector, mate.
By: Steve Maley (Diary) | July 18th, 2013
As President Obama doubles down on his green energy initiative, maybe it’s time to look around the world and see how the foray into the future of rainbows and unicorn farts is working out for our more progressive and forward-thinking allies. We’ll visit Spain, Germany and Australia and see how their campaigns to replace fossil fuels and nuclear energy in favor of wind and solar energy are working out for their economies.
Spain is regretting its green energy adventure, restructuring generous subsidies which …..
Deutschland, after its knee-jerk decision to shut down nuclear power generation, post-Fukushima earthquake? Not that anyone could have foreseen problems with that …....Just how weary are the Germans of their new green energy utopia?
Australia has always been a leader in the effort to control carbon dioxide emissions. Its experience has demonstrated that punitive taxes make Australian goods less competitive on the world market, so it is moving away from a fixed tax on CO2 emissions toward a trading scheme:.......
Consider these experiences in Spain, Germany and Australia, and then ask yourself why any thinking person would embark down that same road....To Read More.....

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