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Friday, July 19, 2013

Boxer wants to redo bipartisan deal on toxics law

Sen. Barbara Boxer opposes the deal by the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg because she says it usurps California laws on toxic chemicals.
July 18, 2013
Washington -- Before he died last month, Sen. Frank Lautenberg, a liberal New Jersey Democrat, had negotiated a bipartisan deal to replace a law signed by President Gerald Ford that for nearly 40 years has prevented the federal government from assessing the safety of tens of thousands of industrial chemicals in everyday use.
After Lautenberg died of pneumonia June 3 at age 89, Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., who chairs the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, began to derail the bill he had spent years working on, saying it would usurp California's rules on toxic chemicals…..To Read More….
My Take – I love this.  Since when has Boxer or any of her loony green friends ever been concerned with local or state laws regarding pesticides or any other chemical for that matter?  Now all of a sudden they're concerned that state law will be pre-empted.  All of a sudden state law should take precedence over federal law.  What a change of heart.  Is it possible they would be willing to apply that thinking to every state over every issue? 
The thing that everyone really needs to understand is the greenies have no love of facts or consistency of thought.  They will passionately take a position and just a passionately take the reverse position if it suits their immediate needs.   
Why would we listen to people such as this?   
These people are irrational, misanthropic and morally defective.  We have plenty of history to show their programs harm humanity and the environment.  So why is that so hard to understand these people are insane? 

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