Tuesday, July 23, 2013

License checkpoint? Not for this driver

Man refuses to produce documentation for officers
A Virginia man has been warned by police he may be issued a warrant after he refused to give officers his paperwork at a police “license checkpoint.”  According to a conservative blog called Bearingdrift.com, Joe Draego asked the officers if he was accused of a crime, and when they said no, he insisted he was free to go home.  The blog said such checkpoints may or may not be legal, citing the Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court said: “We decline to suspend the usual requirement of individualized suspicion where the police seek to employ a checkpoint primarily for the ordinary enterprise of investigating crimes. We cannot sanction stops justified only by the generalized ever present possibility that interrogation and inspection may reveal that any given motorist has committed some crime.”  The incident adds to the concern expressed in recent days over militarized police checkpoints........including one in Tennessee that turned into an Internet sensation.  In the Virginia case, Draego told WCAV-TV in Charlottesville, Va. he did nothing wrong and didn’t need to hand over papers….. In the July 4 Tennessee confrontation previously repored by WND, student Chris Kalbaugh refused to roll down his window and, instead, talked to the officer through a gap of several inches......being berated and badgered by the officer, who declined to answer questions from the driver about whether he was being detained….To Read More….
My Take - Does the phrase - "You have fogotten your place!" - sound familiar?  Try this, "Tea Party Group Founder Becky Gerritson To Congress: "You've Forgotten Your Place". 

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