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Monday, July 22, 2013

Helen Thomas Attends Eighth Circle Gala

streiff (Diary) |
It is a tradition at RedState that we acknowledge the passing of particularly odious personages with a short obituary to set the record straight on their accomplishments. This tradition is a rather short one, the blog is only 9 years old, and began with this memorial on the death of Robert Drinan titled Is Hell Exothermic or Endothermic.
Helen Thomas, no-talent “journalist”, partisan hack, raving anti-semite, and the living embodiment of Rush Limbaugh’s theory that feminism was developed to give ugly women an entree into society, died yesterday at age 92.
Helen Thomas, contrary to what you will read, was not some sort of reporter on steroids. She was equal parts stupid and evil. Her writing was pedestrian. Her opinions banal but ever predictable. Her employment as a reporter, not coincidentally, has led to the decline of journalism in the United States.
It is only fitting that he finally had her interview request with Malacoda approved in the same week when a 16 year old intern from the Daily Caller punked Jay Carney by asking a question none of the “real reporters” had the cojones to ask. The slow descent into the White House press corps’ irrelevance that began when she was appointed for no other reason than her sex, though hailed on the left as some kind of “gutsy call” on the part of her press agency, was complete.....This Appeared Here.....
Editor's Note: I wish I had said all of that!

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